New community survey coming in April 2024

It is some time since the views of the Parish’s community were surveyed for the Neighbourhood Plan, so a new survey is due to be held very soon.

The NDP Steering Group are developing a survey form covering issues such as climate change, housing needs, business and jobs, the natural and built environments, heritage and community facilities.

When the survey is launched it will be available on-line and in print form, and all households will be invited to take part. Two ‘drop-in’ sessions, where you can find out more about the Plan and talk to a member of the Steering Group, will be held at Pensilva and St Ive.

More news about the survey will come out soon!

4 thoughts on “New community survey coming in April 2024”

  1. Hi, could you post a link to the on-line survey please? A news update about it would be useful too.

  2. The survey is rigged, personally I dont think the villages need anymore housing, the village infrastructure cannot cope with increased population.
    The survey does not give the option to say no more housing, so it is rigged.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. The survey is definitely not ‘rigged’. As the question explains, Planning authorities are required by the Government to make a contribution to the housing market and local housing needs of the Parish. It is not legally possible to have a policy of ‘no more housing’. The Neighbourhood Plan will help address local concerns as it is the opportunity to have greater local control over where any needed housing should go, and over its format and the housing mix delivered. HomeChoice registered local housing need in the Parish last April was 56 households seeking affordable accommodation. Of these, 17 households were aged 55 or over requiring predominantly 1 and 2 bed accommodation. These are people who are living in the Parish or have a long term family connection with it, so a policy to deliver at least some housing for their needs will have little impact on local infrastructure. Please do fill in the survey. I will record your comment in the survey report anyway so you can be assured that it will be considered.

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