The Neighbourhood Planning Process

The NDP must go through a series of stages required by the regulations which are aimed at ensuring that a robust process is followed and that anyone who lives, works or has an interest in the Parish can have a say in the drafting of the Plan.

Community consultation is heavily emphasised in the process. We are still at an early stage in the process and this is a draft only, which has been issued for comment and input. The full process is shown in the diagram below.

Any feedback received on this consultation draft Neighbourhood Development Plan will be carefully considered. Changes will be incorporated if required before it is formally submitted to Cornwall Council, which is the local planning authority.

At that stage the Neighbourhood Plan will begin to influence how future planning applications in the Plan area are considered.

Further consultations will then be arranged by Cornwall Council and if Cornwall Council assess the Plan as being in compliance with the laws and regulations governing Neighbourhood Plan making, it will arrange for the Plan to be assessed by an Independent Examiner, who will check that it is positively prepared and meets the prescribed ‘Basic Conditions’ which the law sets out for a Plan to be adopted.

If the NDP passes its Examination and Cornwall Council agree with the Examiner, it will be put to a local referendum to say whether the Plan should be used to decide planning applications.

When the referendum occurs, all registered electors in St Ive and Pensilva Parish will be entitled to vote for or against the Plan. The referendum outcome is decided on a simple majority basis.

If the Neighbourhood Development Plan is supported in the referendum, Cornwall Council will formally adopt it after which it must, by law be taken into consideration when Planning Officers and Councillors determine future Planning Applications.